Host a Screening!

We can’t wait to share the powerful message of #SheBelongs far and wide, and we would love to include you in this effort. This film is a vital asset for #SheBelongs to help us not only raise awareness, but also the necessary funds to fuel our global expansion!

Here are the basic steps to consider as you explore planning a screening.


Anyone who cares about soccer, empowering girls, or refugees (or all 3!) will love this film! Think about who in your community should see this film: soccer families, refugee or immigrant communities, government leaders, professional players, etc.


When is optimal timing to show the film? What month? What day of the week? And, what time of day? Ideally we have one big screening in your community but are open to 1-3 smaller screenings during our visit.


This film is made to be seen on a big screen with great audio so be thinking about ideal venues to work with that will a) charge discounted rental rates (or free!), b) seat the number of people you want there, and c) have the right technical equipment to ensure a high quality experience for the audience.


As a nonprofit entity trying to do good in the world we have found these screenings can help us generate funding to help us grow. Our mission is to spread this message as we help numerous individual girls reach their potential around the world. Your financial contribution to a screening will help make this possible!


These events should be FUN and MEMORABLE! Do you want to invite local soccer heroes, celebrities, big donors, or the refugee community? We are all about creating belonging across diverse populations, so think big and inclusively.

Please note that we will have at least one member of the #SheBelongs leadership team travel to your screening to bring the film and handle the technical aspects of the screening with venue personnel. That same team member will also be available to introduce the film, answer questions afterwards, and visit with the audience.


If the above resonates with you, please fill out this interest form here and let’s start planning your event!

Below is a list of completed screenings. Click for more info. We hope to add your community to this list soon!