On December 11, 2023 we held our first ever sneak peek of our film for over 200 registered ticket holders at Las Lomas High School Theatre in Walnut Creek, California USA. We are so grateful to all who attended and highlight below selected audience reactions and pics.


“So loved the #shebelongs premiere. I got teary like four times. What a life-changing experience to get “G” involved in. I immediately noticed a change in her demeanor.”


“I am inspired to create some version of this at the school or district level. I think it would be fantastic to have our soccer teams invite refugee kids out for one day/week during the season.”

-Coach Kelly

“I want to thank you so much for making last night everything that it was. It was so inspiring to watch their journey, and it only makes me want to do more for the cause.”

-Hailey, Player 17