We are partnering with forward-thinking entities as sponsors of the first-of-its-kind event: the 2025 #SheBelongs Global Cup. The $1MM in financial and in-kind support for the expected 400+ young women in the Cup provides ample opportunity for our sponsors to generate unique brand recognition and deepen corporate goodwill.



Orange Stars are extraordinary in their understanding of managing risk and their desire to catalyze hope for their fellow humans navigating desperate situations and real trauma.


The world daily bears the weight of pain caused by tyrants posing as “leaders” of people. The real Leaders are those who see the intrinsic value of humans and make investments in inclusion for all.


We ALL need a hand in life. Especially those who have lost so much and have to start over in a new land. Our Advocates see these fellow humans and help them. Without this visionary advocacy and help what becomes of the displaced and the excluded?


Fans of #SheBelongs love the values and vision just as much as anyone, but the amount of support is simply aligns with smaller budgets and/or different operating priorities. There is room for all levels of support and every dollar is deeply appreciated.

For inquires email us here: info@shebelongs.org