On January 4, 2024 we held the worldwide premiere of our film for over 500 guests at the beautiful Grand Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. We are so grateful to all who attended and we highlight below selected audience reactions and photos.


Last night was really beautiful and exactly the kind of message the world needs. We all need an important place to belong!

-Amy H.

“Story was fantastic. Amazing to see how one simple idea can turn into a global movement. Very inspiring!”

-Mark T.

“I hope that this project will continue far into the future. The message of inclusion and unity is one that the world needs to hear. Delivering that message through a sport that people love allows it to reach far beyond the community where it originated.”

-Kami P.

“The documentary was so touching! The message of Shebelongs is so great, but seeing the friendships and connections built between the girls, and hearing their stories was incredibly inspiring. It made the world feel a little smaller and more connected.
Touched is the best word I can use. Both my daughters and I left feeling so touched, and inspired.”

-Name withheld


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Photo Credit: Ben Fonnesbeck Imaging Services